Origin Story

A big welcome from a sun burned, yet content little Megan.

Unlike most angsty superheroes, it’s hard to trace my beginnings back to a singular moment in history. I do know, though, that the majority of my being has roots in a few key places.

I am the youngest of 5 kids, and the youngest by far — 8.5 years younger than the closest sibling. Growing up, I watched my brother and sisters writing, drawing, playing video games and board games, and doing a bunch of stuff I was too little or young-dumb to do. What started as a feeling of not being “good enough” as a child quickly turned into a fierce determination to do all the crap they were doing anyway. Did I develop a 1-hour daily training regimen at age 5 to practice shuffling cards with my tiny hands? Maybe. But am I a wicked card shark today?!

…No. But I CAN shuffle, damnit.

Almost all of my passions, from art to writing to game music to traveling, began as the spite of a very strange little toddler. However, as I aged, I quickly found my own avenues to explore. In 3rd grade, me and my best friend Megan C. (good name) discovered this first avenue in a site called Gaia Online. We spent an alarming number of hours building virtual stores in the artist forums to sell our horrible “art” for in-game gold, which we then used to buy items for our avatars. One of my sisters bought me my first ever Wacom drawing tablet solely to improve my art for my silly online store. So supportive of the little weirdo sister!

Sailor Jupiter was full of angst that day.

On the days I wasn’t on Gaia, I was busy exploring any number of other hopelessly nerdy pursuits. I was playing around on my brother-in-law’s keyboard making music for the video games in my head. I was adorning myself in a shiny purple dragonfly cloth, playing intense make-believe alone in the back yard with the wooden axe my sister got me from Medieval Times. I was also playing obsessive amounts of Final Fantasy XI Online with my siblings, leading battle parties at age 9 and hitting 80 WPM typing speed by the time I hit 4th grade. I was even making my brother teach me high school algebra on his free time because I thought math was fun. I was in deep.

I was THIS EXCITED for Mario Party 4. Just soak that in a little.

The last of my geeky pursuits didn’t truly emerge until I hit high school. In a terrifying leap of faith, I enrolled in Drama as my extracurricular class for freshman year. As it turns out, heralding Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway? as religious figures was not enough to imbue me with innate acting ability. But it was enough to make me determined to learn. And with the fire of that little internal toddler mixed with an endless well of fantastical improv scenarios (thanks, make-believe in the backyard!) my love of acting, comedy, and writing was born.

And thus, there came to be the strange amalgamation of interests that is me.

Teaching the younger generation the powerful ways of Pretending.

I firmly believe that I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing this strange little history from my little happy hole apartment in South Korea, if it wasn’t for each one of these things I love to do. They’ve pulled me through bad jobs, lost friendships, homesickness, break-ups, three surgeries, and a depression I wasn’t quite sure I’d make it out of. Whatever the hell else is coming for me in life (prayers be to the Gods on Olympus that it’s nothing too bad), I’m sure my dorky passions will pull me through that, too.

I hope you enjoy this site filled with all of the strange things that bring me joy. Perhaps they’ll spark a little passion in you, too — and if so, then I could want nothing more 🙂

Happy adventuring!



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