Stories By Music #1: “Plane” – 6.28.2014

This short story is the first I ever wrote in the “Stories By Music” (SBM) series. It was written to and inspired by the following piece of music. Please feel free to listen before, after, or while you read. It may take a moment to load.

“Plane” – Jason Mraz


Had I been here for long? Maybe hours, maybe days… I didn’t recognize the others. Sipping their grotesquely-abused cups of once pure coffee like the world was created just for them. Was I one of them once? I couldn’t remember… I couldn’t remember much of anything, really.

I reached into my pocket, removing only a quarter with the shavings from my last scratch-off lotto ticket. That was all I had to hold onto: a man, adorned in an oversized navy suit, tight brown shoes coated in dust, carrying a wallet full of scratchers. What kind of sick joke was this? A life reduced to the material world, a life tainted by the realization that reality was our biggest flaw; that our world was merely an amalgamation of lost knowledge and acquired means and goods. A life at the whim of façades and luck.

Was it better that I didn’t remember? I took a glance around the café, inhaling the bitter smell of coffee intermixed with the scent of an overpriced perfume. Maybe all of this was actually a favor… Maybe I was better off this way.

I placed a Million Dollar 7’s from my wallet and onto the table, then mechanically began scratching off the flimsy paper film: 23, 12, 49…


One thought on “Stories By Music #1: “Plane” – 6.28.2014

  1. Scott Bayne says:

    This man… I have seen him, I have read about him, I have been him…

    For those that can concentrate on both, or even if not, play the music with the story… You can always relisten to the song again. 😊


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