Holy Moly! I Started a Website!

Well, as far as adventures go, I suppose starting a website isn’t too too out there. I am writing this 6,794 miles from home, in a very small apartment, surrounded by people that are very confused about why the hell I’m here. Most days I have no idea either. But I’m always in for something new, and after a ton of recommendations, I decided to give this website a go.

So far, I have been in Korea for a little over 3 months. Those who follow me on Facebook know that it’s been a wild ride since I got here. Most people say, “Oh wow, it’s been a wild ride!” and they mean it almost adorably? Like, “Oh, this dollar bill looks different that my country’s dollar bill! Listen, they’re speaking a language I don’t understand! This is wild!”

No. This has been legitimately wild. I’m talking a tiny Korean girl pointing at me and loudly screaming, “WHITE GIRL” in the middle of a Popeye’s, wild. I’m talking electrocuting myself on my stove, killing cockroaches, and showering in quick spurts in an inch of non-draining water ALL IN THE SAME DAY, wild. I’m talking getting lost in a city of 20 million people without internet, cash, or my anxiety medication, wild. It’s been humbling, lonely, awe-inspiring, depressing, hilarious, confusing, heart-warming, stressful, fulfilling, mind-boggling, and wonderful all at once, sometimes multiple times a day. Shit’s complicated.

But, all in all, I know I’m where I need to be, and I’m having the time of my life 🙂 ❤

Enjoy a few (lots of) snap shots of my life here so far, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on all my new shenanigans as they come along~

Happy adventuring!


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