The Big Beadtastic Photo Shoot – Feb. 24, 2017

So, as you can see, this post is a just a tiny bit overdue. But, for those who followed my Etsy earlier this year, these pictures will look a little familiar. Thanks to my ever-enthusiastic and nerdy picture-takin’ partner-in-crime Jenny (sister #3), I was able to get my (then) entire sprite collection photographed!

The competition on Etsy for Perler bead art is massive right now. It takes a smart cookie to find success there, so it was important I tried everything I could to stand out from the crowd. Photographing the pixellated art in real life settings became a fun, hilarious, and kinda beautiful way to go about improving my online store. I really think it elevates the product, especially when we found the perfect locations reminiscent of the video game they’re from 🙂

The Etsy store never truly took off (at least not yet… heh heh) but the photos we took still bring me so much joy!

Let me know which ones you like best, and what other sprites you’d like to see photographed out in the real overworld!

One thought on “The Big Beadtastic Photo Shoot – Feb. 24, 2017

  1. Scott Bayne says:

    I like them all because it really takes me back to my childhood. My favorite though would have to be Mega Man sliding down the stair case. You really captured the essence of that move!


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